10 Foods You Must Taste When Visit India

India is a country with diversified language, caste, and creed. Here you find people with different culture and religion and based on that their food is also diversified. When you visit India, the must thing you do is to taste the countless varieties of food available here. This article recommends you 10 Foods You Must Taste When Visit India.

Indian food is famous for its spices, color and flavor. Famous spices which are used in food are mustard, cumin, curry leaves, green coriander, garam masala, and ingredients are tomatoes, onions, garlic, and ginger.

Many festivals are celebrated in India and the food is different for every festival. According to the religion, food is prepared for every occasion. It is difficult to find out the 10 most famous food because of the wide variety, but we have to do it for you. So, here we are going to show the most famous food in India.

10 Foods You Must Taste When Visit India


The king of all the snacks – Chaat! Chaat is made up of many different ingredients like tangy spices, potatoes, tomatoes, onion, dahi, ginger, salt, black pepper, and spicy in taste. Chaat is normally liked as snacks in evening by the Indians. Chaat is not a single dish, it means different to different people like Bhelpuri, Pav bhaji, Sev Puri, Aloo Tikki, Samosa and Papdi chaat. If you like tangy flavor then it is the must dish for you.


biryani in India
Chicken Biryani

This is the popular dish of India which is liked by almost everyone. The Biryani is made up of rice, onion, tomato, capsicum, mushroom, peas, salt, red pepper and served with raita and chutney. We have a different type of biryani like veg biryani and non-veg biryani.



The Dosa is famous in South India. It is made up of rice and black gram, the better is set overnight for fragmentation. It is served with sambhar made up of pluses and chutney made with coconut and tomatoes. Dosa is also known as the thin pancake. Stuff Dosa is also famous in India which is stuffed with potatoes, paneer, onion, etc.

Palak Paneer

palak paneer in India
Palak Paneer best served with chappati

The Palak paneer is the famous dish of North India. Palak is known as spinach and paneer is known as cheese. Palak is boiled and then grinned for gravy. Paneer is fried and then added to it. It is served with chappati and butter.

Stuffed Paranthas

parantha in India
Stuffed Parantha from Punjab

It is the most famous dish of Punjab region. Parantha is the type of Indian bread which is served with dahi, butter, and chutney. The parantha is stuffed with potatoes, onion, paneer, gobi and any other vegetable of your choice.

Chole Bhature

cholle bhature in India
Chole Bhature

This is famous for occasions and winters. In this chole is prepared with the tomatoes, onion, green chili, garam masala and many more masalas. A better of wheat flour with water and dahi is prepared a set aside for fragmentation. After some time it is fried and served hot with onion, chutney, and chole.

Gajar Halwa


Gajar halwa is a famous dessert mostly prepared in winters. It is prepared with carrot, milk, and sugar. Carrot is grated and then added in the kadhai after sometime the milk is added. It takes almost 5-6 hours. At the end, the sugar is added and Gajar halwa is served hot.

Rajsthani Thali

thali in India
A combination of Dishes – Rajasthani Thali  

Rajasthani thali is the combination of the variety of dishes. Thali consists of vegetable, pulses, dessert, lassi, raita, different types of bread, papad, salad, etc. The thali is served hot with lots of love and ghee so that you can have the pure flavor of Indian taste.

Samosa, Kachori

samosas in India
Samosa and Kachori

Samosa and kachori are made up of wheat flour and stuffed with potatoes and onion. Samosa is fried and serve with channe, chutney, and dahi. Kachori is stuffed with pulses and serve with chutney. Both are the best tea time snacks in India.


dhokla food in India
Dhokla – the Gujarati dish

Dhokla is the Gujarati dish, prepared with suji. The better is prepared a set aside for some time. Then the better is spread in dhokla cooker and set at low flame. It is prepared with steam. It is served with tomatoes and green chili chutney.

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