Bali Party Pub Crawl

If you are going to Bali to enjoy some of the nightlife that it is well known for, you are going to find a lot of information about different places to go, events that you have to attend, and even some rules to keep in mind. For most people though, this amount of research can quickly become confusing and even cumbersome. Instead of doing all that research, finding one place where you can put your trust will help to keep you calm and stress-free while on vacation. That’s why businesses like the Bali Party Pub Crawl exist – they do all of the planning, and you just get to go along for the ride.

Bali Party Pub Crawl
La Favela in Seminyak, Bali

The Bali Pub Crawl is a nightlife experience unlike any other you have ever experienced. It opens up the Bali nightlife scene, allowing you to take in as much as you want with people from all over the world – including the very young and those who are only young at heart. Not only that, but everything is curated perfectly so that if you don’t like one thing, you are assured to like the next thing. However, there are no duds on this tour; you will find something to like at each and every stop.

Bali Party Pub Crawl:

Top Places to Party in Bali

The tour will take you to the top places to party in Bali. It is a walking tour, so keep that in mind when you get dressed. The tour lasts at least four hours, but many times, it will stretch into the wee hours of the morning.

The owners and operators of this tour are continually shifting and moving things around so that you get to visit the top bars and clubs in Bali – when something new opens, they reassess so that it doesn’t feel too stale.

Meet People From Around the World

When you look at the reviews for the Bali Pub Party Crawl, you will notice that people from all walks of life go on it – and that’s a good thing! You will get to meet people from around the world, people that you will never meet any other way. Since you pretty much stay together throughout the night, you will form a great little group of fun.

Bali Party Pub Crawl
Bali Party Pub Crawl

When you leave, you will all be friends, and you will likely spot them around Bali when you are adventuring in the daylight hours as well.

Added Perks

Some of the places you will see include Single Malt at the IZE hotel, where you start. Even better, once you get to the clubs, you are able to skip the line and get inside when you want completely. What could be better than that?

Throughout the night, you play games, get some free shots, and can even get some merch. Everyone stays safe thanks to a security team. To document the night, the Bali Club Party Crawl provides a photographer, which is great for bachelorette parties, birthdays, and spring break.

Nightlife is tricky, especially in new places that are in a different country from what you know. It is true that at times, you can put yourself in a dangerous situation when you go into a bar or club that might not have the best reputation. By going on the Bali Pub Party Crawl, you will be able to find places that are safe, but still, have that Bali attitude that you were looking for all along. For the value, it is a way to let your hair down a little bit and really enjoy yourself – if you are too worried about safety or trying to figure out a way to get around; you are ruining some of the fun.Top Things to See and Do in Bali

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