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Universal Studios is one of the most popular destinations in Singapore for families. The theme park is located on the Sentosa Island in Singapore. This is Southeast Asia’s only Hollywood Themepark and because of that, it is going to be extremely full. Adults as well as children flock here on the weekends and during the week it is still busy. That being said, there is a lot to cover in terms of activities, so you have to go into it all with a plan.

Universal Studios Singapore Information

Overview: The park itself is about the size of 25 football fields combined, which means you should wear comfortable shoes that you can walk in. There are 24 rides and attractions within Universal Studios, including a Shrek 4-D adventure, a physical fitness course in The Lost World, and a behind the scenes look at the world of Steven Spielberg. Of these rides, 15 are unique to Singapore, which means that Universal lovers come here just for those rides. Seven of them are high-speed rides, making this a great place for older children as well. Revenge of the Mummy gets fantastic reviews from adrenaline junkies.

There are seven different zones (a lucky number), including: Hollywood Zone, Madagascar, Far Far Away, The Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci-fi City and New York.

If rides aren’t your thing, there are various performances and entertainment options. Young children, in particular, LOVE the dance number from the Penguins of Madagascar. Of course, Hollywood’s Dream Parade will always be popular as well.

Hours: Universal Studios Singapore is open from 10 AM to 7 PM, which might seem short to people who go to some of the other Universal Studios locations. Still, it is enough time to get a thorough experience out of your trip.

Price: Tickets to the park are a bit pricy, but it is well worth it for a day full of entertainment. For $54, children can get into the park. Adults over 13 will cost you $74 and the elderly can get in for $36. For an additional $30, you can get the fast track pass which will allow you to skip lines for participating attractions. If you want to really get through quickly, you can pay an additional $50 per person for the Universal Unlimited Express pass.

Height Requirements: Most of the rides do require a height of 122 cm (4 feet) to go on rides. However, if your child is smaller than that, you can go on the rides with him or her. Two rides do require bigger heights regardless of adult accompaniment, and those are Revenge of the Mummy (122 cm) and Battlestar Galactica (125 cm).

Storage: If you have a bag for your extra clothes or just for souvenirs, you can pay $10 to get a locker to store your things. These are located in Hollywood, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt and The Lost World.  These are generally good for a couple people. If you need more space, you can get a $20 larger locker. If you only need a locker while you go on a ride, Ancient Egypt has lockers that are free for the first 45 minutes.

Waiting Time: On weekends, the average waiting time is about 25 minutes. If you come during the week, it is reduced to five.

Food: Of course, everyone wants to eat at Universal Studios Singapore. There are fourteen different options, including many different cultural options. For American food, there is Mel’s Drive where you can get burgers, Halal meats at various stops, a NY Pizza Parlor, and many, many options at Discovery Food Court.

How many areas are there to explore?

There are a total of 7 themed zones in the park:


Hollywood takes you behind the scenes of how the biggest movies in the world are made. One of the most popular attractions in the park, you’ll see a lot of characters that you know and love. You’ll see things like the Hollywood Walk of Fame and some of the best architecture in the park.


A takeoff from the movie of the same name, this area is quite popular with younger children. You’ll see many animals in the dense forest of this attraction.

Far Far Away

If you have younger children, the junior coaster and plethora of characters in Far Far Away world will make the trip for them. There are some of the best fairytale characters that transcend language. One of the coolest parts is that there is a “dragon” flying around to say hello in the World of Shrek.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient pyramids and other famous sites stand tall against the backdrop of the park. You’ll see the tombs where a terrible curse has been unleashed and see the opulence – and terror – that follows.

The Lost World

The Lost World also doubles as Waterworld. You probably don’t want to go here if you don’t want to get wet. This is an energetic stunt show that uses some Hollywood magic to show you what goes on beind the scenes in many movies.

Sci-Fi City

One of the most popular locations in the park is the Battlestar Galactica coaster in Sci-Fi City. It is the tallest coaster in the world, coming in at 42.7 meters. You will have a war of Good v. Evil and you get to choose your side. Children do have to be taller to ride this one.

Show Time: 12.15pm, 2.30pm and 5.45pm

New York

Feel the hustle and bustle of America’s best city as you see the classic landmarks. You’ll be able to eat great foods, see neon lights, and even look at a real-time movie production


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