Mount Agung in Bali – What You Need to Know to hike Mount Agung

Do you love adventure, or do you simply want to have some physical activity on your trip to Bali? After eating all of the great food and partaking in a few cocktails, you might feel like you need to move around a bit. That is why many travelers want to conquer Mount Agung, the highest mountain and active volcano in Bali Island. Note that this isn’t just a simple hike that you can do without preparation – it is a tough one to be conquered by even the best hikers.

Mount Agung is Really Tall

Mount Agung volcano eruption
Mount Agung volcano in eruption

There is four mountains total that can be climbed in Bali: Mount Abang, Mount Agung, Mount Batu Karu, and Mount Batur. There are some other places where you can hike, but they are really just hills and high lands. If you haven’t hiked before, you can certainly still get exercise on those hills. Certainly, there is quite a bit of hiking to do – it is whether you want more scenic, easy hiking or you want something that will be challenging.

Mount Agung is 3,031 meters above sea level, giving you some amazing views of Bali and the surrounding areas. Mount Agung is the highest mountain in Bali and the fifth highest volcano in the Indonesia. It is also the holiest mountain as believed to be the home of God.

What to Wear and Bring When Hiking Mount Agung

Since the mountain is so tall, it has its own weather! Most people will start their hike up Mount Agung in the middle of the night. At this time, you can use t-shirts and shorts for the base of the mountain. However, as soon as you get a bit of height, the temperature can become extremely cold – reaching 0 degrees Celsius. Winds are another problem, as they can bite and go right through you.

Make sure you have sturdy shoes (that you have worn before) and that you layer so that you can put clothing on and take it off. Bring water, snack, and even blankets for some of the trek. It is important to work with someone who has climbed Mount Agung before, as they can help you get there. Companies all over Bali run trips on a daily basis.

You might even have to camp! The trip takes about 12 hours to do completely if you are an experienced hiker. If you aren’t, it will take longer, and your body might not be able to handle it. Spending a night in a tent is a great way to embrace the spirit of this trip really. It will take you about 6 hours travel time if you consistently move up the mountain. However, you want to actually see parts of Bali and the beautiful portions of the mountain you do have to take that 12-hour hike. It is long, but it will be worth it for some of the sights.

Choose One of Two Paths to hike Mount Agung

No matter which way you go, you will have access to some of the most beautiful sights and sites on the island. If you look northward, you will see views of the caldera. This is also a great opportunity to get photos of Bali that rival any you’ll see online. However, you do have to be lucky because there are many things blocking some of your views.

Remember: Mount Agung is a Holy Place for Balinese Hindu people

Pura Besakih Temple Mount Agung Volcano.
The Pura Besakih Temple at the foot of the Mount Agung Volcano.

One thing that you do have to remember is that the Balinese Hindu people believe that Mount Agung is a sacred place, so you want to treat it with respect. They believe that Mount Agung is the palace of the gods, so you will see spiritual ceremonies happening at times. You will also see shrines and two very important temples: the Besakih temple and the Pura Pasar Agung. There are times to visit these temples and then there are some times when they are closed to the public.

Overall, taking a trip to Mount Agung, and even better, hiking it, is something that you absolutely must experience. Doing research may not make it seem as interesting and special as it is – some experiences are meant to be lived.

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