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Many parents will keep a list of places they want to travel when they are alone and places they want to travel with children – and Hong Kong is probably on both of them. Hong Kong is one of the most striking cities in the world, there is no place else where you will feel the way you do when you are there.

The city is modern and futuristic without eliminating all of the greenery and beauty. In fact, technology and nature work hand in hand to give you once-in-a-lifetime views.

Reasons to Visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong is unlike any other place you will travel. It won’t remind you of somewhere else. It is one of the most popular locations to travel to, which will make everything easier for you, especially traveling with children. There are direct flights from almost anywhere in the world, fantastic service to and from the airports, and almost everything is written in English. Since Hong Kong is so popular with business travelers, you’ll also get cheaper rates on planes.

Hong Kong is so filled with wonder and whimsy that you won’t be able to stop yourself from going back more than once. Be prepared to fall in love with this place and want to go back for repeat viewings. 

Best Attractions for Your Family in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is absolutely loaded with things to do with your family, including children of any ages. Here are just some highlights:

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland anywhere is going to be a highlight because of the attention they pay to detail. This is a smaller one, but it still offers everything you love, including the “it’s a small world” ride. You’ll see familiar characters but they will feel just a little different. Toy Storyland is a favorite spot for most families. It is also interesting to check out the cuisine of different cultures, including American foods that are viewed through the Hong Kong eye.

Disneyland Hong Kong

This place can get very, very busy (like all Disneyland can), so make sure you take advantage of the perks and line-hopper passes if you don’t think you will be able to get back here anytime soon. You should also be prepared for a lot of walking and standing, so sneakers are an absolute must. 


If you are lucky, you might be able to find some of the rarest types of Mickey Ears here – people come from all over the world to get these unique pieces, but they aren’t always easy to find. Make sure you buy tickets in advance so you don’t have to wait in line. Read our complete guide on Hong Kong Disneyland.

Visit The Peak

If the day is clear, there is nothing better than visiting The Peak Towers. There are restaurants, shops, and beautiful buildings everywhere. Many people also go for Madame Tussaud’s, the wax museum. It will allow your family to enjoy culture and entertainment at the same time. You can walk around the entire Peak to get some exercise, play on a playground, and take a lot of beautiful photos.

Experience the Victoria Peak by tram

If you want to walk a lot, you can definitely do it thanks to the abundance of trails. Just make sure you download the different apps and maps that can help you out.



Ngong Ping 360

Quite possibly the busiest tourist attraction in Hong Kong, the Ngong Ping 360 is something that you just can’t miss. It is a cable car that takes you up the mountain and shows the Buddhist Walk. Each trip up will allow you to see something different, so it is a must go even if you plan to return. You’ll see the culture of Ngong Ping in a way that won’t be able to anywhere else, and it is also a great way to pack a lot into one stay.


Make sure to look at the different packages they have offered because each one is a little different and some are geared more toward children than others.

Ngong Ping 360

The Big Buddha

To go along with your Ngong Ping 360 trip, you should also consider going to the Big Buddha. Completed in 1993, the statue is a Buddha Shakyamuni, and it is an absolute must see. Children love it, parents love it, and everyone will remember seeing this stunner. There are a few different ways to see the Buddha, so you might want to do some research about the best way. Many people enjoy hiking to it, though that is for older children typically.

Even if you don’t do the hike, you will still need to climb a lot of steps, so get ready for the walk.

The Big Buddha

Ocean Park

Ocean Park is sea-themed and easy to get to by bus, car, or taxi. Located on the south side of the island, it doesn’t have all of the crowds that some other options will have. The park has two levels that will offer amazing views of the island. It is home to pandas, a large aquarium, and a fantastic playground for younger kids. There are also many themed shows.

Once again, buy tickets to avoid lines.


The Star Ferry Hong Kong

This boat is probably one of the most famous ones in the world. It is shaped like a football and travels from Central or Wan Chai to Kowloon in just a few moments. You’ll be able to see Hong Kong from a vantage point that you’ve never seen it before.

Sit on the upper deck to see the best views. It might not seem like much, but it is really a great way to see everything at once.


Hong Kong Science Museum

If it is rainy or if your children are interesting in science and history, the Hong Kong Science Museum or the Hong Kong Museum of History are fantastic options. The Science Museum has over 500 exhibits, many of which are hands on and fantastic for children. The Hong Kong Museum of History next door has the same thing as well as some culture. If you go on Wednesdays, they are both free.

Places to Stay in Hong Kong

Hotels in Singapore offer up a variety of options that will fit any family. Whether you have younger children that need places to play or you have slightly older children that want a more central location, there are plenty of options. .

Novotel Hotel on Nathan Road

For a hotel that is simpler and a little easier on the wallet, consider heading to the Novotel Hotel. It is fantastic for kids because of how clean it is and some of the amenities they provide. In many rooms, you’ll get a bathtub which makes it easier and they have cribs on call. There is also a great intercontinental breakfast that will help you to save pennies.

As an added bonus, the MTR is only 2 minutes away.

The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons brand is well known for providing a quality service. The suites and rooms here are large, extremely clean, and offer up the latest amenities. You will find lots of designers and brand names in the shopping mall. The outdoor pool is heated, making it a great choice if you are travelling in a cooler time.

Finally, The Four Seasons has a fantastic babysitting service that will ensure you can get some alone time.

Is Hong Kong a Good Place to Travel With Kids?

All in all, you won’t find a place that is more suited for children than Hong Kong. Everything seems magical and whimsical there, which will get you feeling like a kid as well. Just make sure to watch for areas where there are a lot of people. Especially if your child hasn’t really been introduced to a world like that, it can be extremely overwhelming. Talk to them about different ways to stay safe and make sure to go over some of the cultural customs of the area.

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