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We might be a bit partial to it, but Mauritius is one of the most beautiful and family friendly places in the world. It is an item on the bucket list of so many people. If you get the chance to travel here, especially with your children, you are supremely lucky.

Here are just some tidbits to make the most out of your trip.

Reasons to Visit Mauritius Island

The main reason people fall in love with Mauritius is the beauty. You see it in pictures all over the internet, you see videos and movies filmed there. Still, once you get there, you will fall in love with so much else.

The people are a reason that so many people come back again and again. They are friendly, helpful, and willing to make you laugh. The food also plays an important role in people’s love, especially the street food. Listen carefully, and you will hear the beautiful music as you shop the streets. Finally, Mauritius is also a fantastic place to go for people who love beaches.

Best Attractions for Your Family in Mauritius

Casela | World of Adventures

Interacting with animals in a way that you won’t find anywhere else is the theory behind Casela. Your family will get to do all of the things that they’ve seen on TV but haven’t been able to do, from petting different animals to taking a camel ride.

Each package offers up something different, so you may want to look into each one before you get to Mauritius. People really love the zip lining and the Segway tours, but they won’t be the best for everyone. Make sure to take out some time.

Caudan Waterfront

In one of the most beautiful places in the world, Caudan Waterfront, you will experience all that Mauritius has to offer. Walk along the harbour and enjoy the views, see a movie in a state-of-the-art theatre, have dinner at a number of exciting restaurants, go for a drink, play at the casinos, or watch street artists amaze you with their skills. This is truly a pulse point of the lifestyle here and you won’t get to see a place like this anywhere else. Make sure to at least take a walk around.

Bois Cheri Tea Plantation

For tea lovers, the Bois Chéri is a must stop. It is often included on Tea Tours, but it is a great place by itself as well. You will follow a guide through the tea factory and plantation. Throughout the tour you will get to discover the history and stories behind the location as well as why tea is so important in Mauritius.

You’ll get to sample some great herbal, green, and flavored teas as well as get some amazing views of the southern part of the island.

Ganga Talao

For families that enjoy the outdoors, Ganga Talao is known as “Crater Lake” and it is a great place to unwind if you have some time to kill. You’re able to walk around and look at the beauty of the area as well as go to several temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman, Goddess Ganga, and Lord Ganesh, among others.

During some times of the year there are special ceremonies where you can see people making the pilgrimage that the site remembers. It is something unique to behold and very special.

Crocodile & Giant Tortoises Park And Nature Reserve

This part is beloved by families of all kinds because it has a lot of appeal. There are many different types of animals here. You’ll be able to see absolutely gorgeous greenery like banana trees, palm trees, and giant bamboos. If you want, you’ll be able to pet and play with rare giant tortoises.

There are thousands of Nile crocodiles there as well, but you will be completely safe. For younger children, the Jungle Adventure Playground is always a favorite.

Sugar Museum and Factory

The Sugar Museum and Factor is the story of the history of Mauritius and sugar. The tour is about an hour and a half, and at the end you will get to taste sugar and taste rum if you are of age. The Sugar Adventure follows 250 years of history that will lead to a great appreciation of the country.

Children love it because there are stories and machines that will capture their attention. Giant screens tell a lot of the story, so make sure to get a good spot in line. Children get their own guides, two mythical animals that will help them. Entertaining them so that you can have your own fun.

The Curious Corner of Chamarel

Curious Corner is one of those places that you will love much, much more than you think you will. It is a home of fantasy and fun. A team passionately performs shows that will excite and confuse at times. There are over 40 exhibits in 5,000 square meters, so you’ll be there quite a while.

When you walk in, your mind will be confused and overjoyed as the illusions take over. Some will even be frustrating to you. Make sure to go here with sturdy shoes and make sure you’ve eaten – it really can get that confusing.

Mauritius Aquarium

Animals seem to be a big hit with children and adults. The aquarium has over 200 species of fish, sponges, coral, and invertebrates from all over the island. The building itself is gorgeous and will please architecture fans.

Children love it because you are able to “walk” across the ocean floor and look down as if you were in the middle of the ocean and not in an aquarium. Once again, there are direct contact experiences.

Places to Stay in Mauritius

Hotels in Mauritius offer up a variety of options that will fit any family. Whether you have younger children that need places to play or you have slightly older children that want a more central location, there are plenty of options.

Sofitel So in Belle Ombre

Many parents who have been to the Sofitel So in Belle Ombre have been extremely pleased with the experience that they had. The Kids Club gets nearly universal praise from everyone, especially kids who are too young to do some of the older stuff but still don’t want to play with toddlers. It is a great experience that gives them a unique look into Mauritius.

The hotel itself is extremely well put together and organized. You will find one of the smoothest check-in processes anywhere and they pay attention to every little detail. If you need something while you are there, it will be provided quickly.

If you are travelling with a family, you’ll get a wide range of room options, including suites and traditional style hotel rooms.

One&Only Le Saint Géran

Another all-suite option, this is pure luxury. You’ll get butler service, gourmet restaurants, and an absolutely gorgeous beach. This area is more glamourous as well, meaning that the beaches are like those you see in those pictures.

For teens, they have their own club with free wi-fi, video games, internet café, a DJ, and a tideless lagoon. Even more, they have a lot of sports options too.

Is Mauritius a Good Place to Travel With Kids?

Overall, yes, Mauritius is a good place to travel with children. The feel of Mauritius is extremely familial and there is an attention on natural beauty and togetherness. Your child won’t be running off to do things without you, instead you will learn and grow together in a way that is very rare today. They will love everything about it.

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