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There are few places in the world that are as exciting and interesting as Singapore. No matter what you see on the internet or what videos you watch, few things will compare to going there and experiencing it. Singapore is a place of juxtaposition – you’ll experience all the wonders of the old world and a time when life was slower, but you’ll also see new technology and modern comforts.

There are so many things to do and reasons to visit Singapore that we only offer some of the highlights here:

Reasons to Visit Singapore

Simply put, Singapore is an extremely safe place to visit. People speak English as their first language, they are used to tourists which means they are helpful, and everything is extremely user friendly. You’ll be able to find hotels that will meet your standards, restaurants that will fit your dietary concerns, and activities that will please everyone in your family.

One of the best parts about Singapore is that their transportation system is incredibly modern and easy to use. They have attendants willing to help you every step of the way and you don’t have to be afraid of losing anyone. The trains are clean, taxis are plentiful, and even walking is easy. There are apps and informational maps everywhere and almost anyone is willing to help if asked. Read our complete guide on Singapore Transportation System.

Sentosa Express monorail to Sentosa Island

Even better, there are plentiful food and shopping destinations. For shopping, you’ll be able to find well-known brands and smaller boutiques that will make souvenir shopping extremely easy. You’ll also find independent sellers with wares like you’ve never seen before. For food, there is a straightforward hygiene rating system so that you know you’re always safe. Even better, there are so many options for vegans, those going gluten free, and anyone else who has specific dietary restrictions. If your children are a bit picky, they have some of the great staples that will keep them satisfied, but there are plenty of options for native cuisine as well. If You are foodie, check our recommendations on Singapore Food and Eateries.

Best Attractions for Your Family in Singapore

Singapore has many, many activities. You could travel here for twenty years and still find new things to do with your children. Here are just a few of our favorite options:

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is going to be one of the first things you’ll look at if you want to give your kids a fantastic vacation. It is just off of Singapore and it has many family friendly attractions, including those big and small.

Sentosa Island in and of itself could be a vacation, as there is just so much to do. You can stay in a hotel there, travel there, and really never leave, and still see a lot of culture, art, and fun. Read our blog article on Sentosa Island.

Universal Studios Singapore

universal studios singapore
Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is one of the most popular places on Sentosa Island, and it is pretty much a fan favorite with children of all ages.

The park has 7 theme areas that offer up different types of rides, shops, food, and activities. Some are geared more toward older children while others are for younger children. The themes are: Madagascar, Shrek, The Lost World, Ancient Egypt (The Mummy), Sci-Fi City (Transformers) and New York (Sesame Street). Check out our dedicated guide to Universal Studios Singapore.

Madagascar theme in Universal Studios

The food really stands out as well in Universal Studios. You’ll be able to try food from all over the world, including Americanized foods from a different culture.

This is really a great choice for children of all ages because there is just so much to do. If you have children who are different ages, it is a great way to keep all of them happy.

Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is a 1165 meter-tall ferris wheel that offers some of the most comprehensive views of the city. Your family will be able to go to the top of second largest observation wheel in the world to see all of the lights. In a journey that takes about 30 minutes, you will have time ot take in the natural beauty.

There is also a “Journey of Dreams” that combines the history of Singapore with the history of the wheel.

Singapore Zoo

Zoos sometimes get a bad reputation, but the Singapore Zoo is extremely well taken care of and has a wide array of animals, including tigers, lions, giraffes and zebras. You’ll also find more localized animals like orangutans and Komodo dragons.

This zoo is one of the most well-designed, with big enclosures that allow the animals to feel like they are in nature. You’re still able to get close to the animals so that your children feel engaged. Make sure to check out some of the shows and feeding times so that you can get a unique experience.

Marina Bay

Marina Bay Singapore & Gardens by the Bay
Marina Bay Singapore & Gardens by the Bay

Marina Bay isn’t actually a bay, that’s probably the first thing you should know about it. It is actually a body of water that is coming up on the land and blocked off by the Marina barrage. However, the bay just has a better ring to it.

Getting to the bay is easy, you can use the Circle MRT Line or the Downtown MRT Line to get there. Once you’re there, the fun really begins:

There is a lot to do in Marina Bay depending on how much time you want to spend there, what age your children are, and how much money you want to spend:

Casino: If you are looking to cable, this is a great area for you to do so. There are 600 gaming tables and 1500 slot machines. You do have to be 21 to enter, however.

Sands SkyPark: One of the most popular landmarks in Singapore, the SkyPark allows you to go up 55 stories and roam around, looking at the views of the city and planning your day.

Esplanade Theatres: If you are looking for a little culture, take in a ballet, opera, or concert at this beautiful Opera House. If that isn’t really your taste, the architecture alone is a great reason to visit.

Singapore Flyer: This is definitely a fun tourist trap – a 150 meter observation wheel modeled on the famous London Eye. It will take you about an hour to do the entire thing.

Singapore River Bumboat Cruise

Few things get a child as excited as a cruise does – however, parents can sometimes get stressed. This cruise is 40-minute river cruise that allows you to see some main attractions in a new way, including Boat Quay, Clark Quay and Marina Bay. You’ll hear the history of the attractions.

A boat leaves quite often and moves quickly, so you’ll easily be able to fit this into your schedule.

Mint Museum of Toys

If you are looking for something specifically for children, the Mint Museum of Toys is filled with over 50,000 toys from 40 countries. The toys aren’t for playing with, as some are quite old. Still, your child will really be able to see how toys have developed – and maybe take a step away from technology.

Make sure to take in a live show, as it is one of the best things there.

Wild Wild Wet

If your child likes water, Wild Wild Wet is an absolute must see. Located near the end of the train line at Pasir Ris, you will be able to relax in the lazy river while your children enjoy the water slides and wave pool. There is also a huge water playground that is fun for toddlers. It is one of the better options for younger children, especially since children under 3 are free.

Places to Stay in Singapore

Hotels in Singapore offer up a variety of options that will fit any family. Whether you have younger children that need places to play or you have slightly older children that want a more central location, there are plenty of options. Here is our list to the Top 10 family hotels in Singapore.

If you’ve ever looked at coming to Singapore before, the Marina Bay Sands hotel is likely one you have seen. It has probably the most famous outdoor amenities in the world, including this gorgeous infinity pool that offers unparalleled views around Singapore. It is more of a luxury option, but it is well worth it.

The location of the Marina Bay Sands is difficult to beat, as it has many dining options, shopping choices, and an MRT station nearby. It has museums, Gardens by the Bay, and the Sampan boat rides within a few minutes’ walk. You’ll even be able to find theater, musicals, and other entertainment shopping options nearby.

If you are travelling with a family, you’ll get a wide range of room options, including suites and traditional style hotel rooms.

Festive Hotel

singapore-kids pool-festive hotel
Kids Pool at Festive Hotel

Located on Sentosa Island and situated close to Universal studios and all of the main attractions in Singapore, you are hard pressed to find a hotel that offers more for the entire family. The rooms offer up plenty of sleeping spaces for all children, so no one has to be on the floor or on an uncomfortable sofa bed. If you have younger children, cribs are available.

Activities for children range from sports and water activities to arts and crafts. The kid’s pool ensures that they can have fun without mom and dad creeping around.

Is Singapore a Good Place to Travel With Kids?

Overall, Singapore is a fantastic place to travel with children. They’ll have the ability to have a “fun” vacation while learning a lot about the world around them. Just make sure you thoroughly check into any and all places you go – the world can be dangerous if you aren’t prepared.

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