Sofitel So Mauritius Island

If your go is to stay in luxury with your family while in Mauritius, then you might be in luck with the Sofitel So Mauritius Hotel. Located right by the beach in Bel Ombre, it features some of the most innovative and beautiful architecture you will find.

The hotel came together as a collaboration between two well-known labels, Sofitel Legend and Sofitel So Mauritius. These sister companies worked together to create a hotel that fit both of their niche markets. Of course, you also get the attention to detail, customer service, and luxury that both brands hold as the pillars of their businesses. Both companies have hotels all over the world, including locations in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Bali and India. Wherever they reside, it is the Sofitel So or the Sofitel Legend that tends to attract the attention of tourists and locals alike due to exquisite décor and amazing amenities.

Sofitel So Mauritius, The Beach in Bel Ombre
Sofitel So Mauritius, The Beach in Bel Ombre

In particular, the Sofitel’s hotel that recently opened at the southern tip of Mauritius seems to be another world compared to the hotels around it. Famed architect Lek Bunnag designers the hotel and beloved interior designer Kenzo Takada helped furnish all of the rooms and suites. Bunnag is a Thai architect, ensuring that the designs and themes stayed in touch with the rest of Mauritius, including in culture, scope, and offerings.

When you arrive at the Sofitel So Hotel in Mauritius, you’ll encounter gardens with raked sand and beautiful greenery. It almost feels like a temple, but it isn’t. You then go over bridges and waterways as well as by the spa (more on that later).

This hotel powerfully blends the fantasy and the reality of Thailand and Mauritius. You’ll see many dodos and hibiscus motifs, but you’ll also see a lot of Western touches to make guests comfortable.

The rooms at Sofitel So Mauritius

Sofitel So Mauritius brings you into the beauty of nature and all it has to offer while still giving you the luxury that you come to expect from a hotel. It is sophisticated and modern while still comfortable enough that your children can run around and play without worry.

The rooms are luxurious and have been designed so that you can come and go easily, the rooms stay clean, and everything is accessible.

The hotel features a collection of eco-friendly rooms, beach villas, and suites. You can choose whichever accommodation would be best for your family, including those that have bathtubs (indoor and outdoor), cribs, cots, and high chairs.

Their collection includes 84 luxury rooms, four beach suites with a plunge pool, two beach suits with a plunge pool, two beach villas with a pool, and a guest service pavilion. In the suites and villas, Kenzo Takada has outfitted the rooms with bright vases, many pillows, and lime green leather beds. Everything is easy to clean and much of it is safe for children. The colours flow throughout the hotel, making it easy for everything to transition from one part of the hotel to the next.

Sofitel So Mauritius in Bel Ombre
Sofitel So Mauritius in Bel Ombre

The rooms are all extremely luxurious, even the ones that aren’t as expensive.

The lushury rooms give you beauty and calmness with white colors and hints of lime green undertones, the eco room with its own private garden and outdoor shower is a haven for those who really want to feel like they are on vacation.

Lushury is the combination of “luxury” and “lush” – a term coined by the hotel to explain just what their goals are with this room. As the hotel is in a garden, it is a great word to describe what you feel when inside and outside of the hotel. If it is luxury you seek, you will find it at the Sofitel So. If you seek modern amenities, you will find them as well, including complimentary Wi-Fi and all of the latest technology.

The Lushury rooms work well for small families with 1-2 children and especially well for couples.

Each room has a “MyBed” concepts, including a king-sized bed, extremely soft covers, and delightful pillows. Another added bonus is the spacious bathroom and dressing room that will help to make getting ready easier and much quicker – especially if you have children. The al fresco bath might just make it easier for you to get your children into the bathtub and get them cleaned.

Sofitel So Mauritius Lushury Room
Sofitel So Mauritius, The Lushury Room

Some of the other amenities include: 100 sq m. of private space, air conditioning that you control, private access to the beach, BOSE Wave sound system, top of the line toiletries, luxury linens, complimentary Wi-Fi, flat screen, smart TV, dressing rooms, in-room safe, daily housekeeping, espresso machine or coffee machine, iPod/iPhone docking, room service, mini bar, connecting rooms (optional), outdoor bath and shower, ample storage, private garden, patio, and 24/7 help and concierge.

Sofitel So Mauritius Lushury Room
Sofitel So Mauritius Lushury Room

Another option, the beach suites, offer some of the most fantastic views of the ocean on Mauritius’ south coast. Bask in the natural beauty while sitting in the ultimate comfort of your room. Relax and take in the view with your morning breakfast or from your outdoor garden.

The Beach Suites come with the following amenities: 160 sq. m of private space, ocean view, 24-hour So Special butler service, Air Conditioning, Complimentary Wi-Fi, BOSE Wave sound system, flat screen, Smart TV, direct, private access to the beach via personal gardens, espresso machine, coffee machine, dressing room, in-room safe, in-villa dining, iPod/iPhone docking station, luxury toiletries, minibar, luxury linens, MyBed concept (king), outdoor shower, Plunge Pool, private garden, and a patio.

The Beaches Suites Family is harder to get for many people, because they are in high demand and there are only two available. However, if you can get it, it is well worth it. They have a separate sleeping area for children, making it great for people who have a small family but still want to get some alone time with each other. Closer to the ocean, bigger, and filled with luxury, these suites will make a most amazing vacation for any family.

Sofitel So Mauritius - The Beach Room
Sofitel So Mauritius – The Beach Room

Some of the amenities for the Beaches Suites Family include: 170 sq. m of private space, direct view of the ocean, closest to the ocean, 24-hour So Special Butler Service, luxury linens, high quality toiletries, air conditioning, BOSE Wave sound system, complimentary high speed Wi-Fi, flat screen, smart TV, private access to the beaches, a dressing room, espresso machine, coffee machine, in-room safe, room services, in-villa dining, iPod/iPhone docking stations, mini bar, hospitality products, MyBed concept, Plunge Pool, private garden, terrace, patio, and an outdoor shower.

Finally, the most luxurious option for families is the beach villa. There are two beach villas that have private gardens, a yoga pavilion, swimming pool, and a hammam. This is the best option for families because not only does it offer the most room, but it also feels like home. You get your fully equipped kitchen, a large bathroom, and intimacy. Plus, you don’t actually have to cook – your So Special Butler can help you there. You just get the luxury of snacking all day.

Some of the amenities for these beach villas include: 350 sq. m of private space, direct ocean view, private ocean access, 24-hour premiere So Special Butler service, air conditioning, BOSE Wave sound system, complimentary high speed Wi-Fi, tropical garden, espresso machine, coffee machine, fully stocked kitchen, barbecue, family-friendly, entertainment, flat screen TV, in-room safe, In-villa dining, iPod/iPhone docking station, luxury toiletries, dressing room, dining, room, living room, mini bar, two bedrooms, MyBed concept, walk-in showers, walk-in baths, an outdoor shower, private garden, patio, terrace, hammam, yoga pavilion, and a private swimming pool.

Sofitel So Mauritius - Private Villas
Sofitel So Mauritius – Private Villas

All in all, if you want a traditional room, you don’t have to worry about booking too far in advance, though you should do some planning as the hotel fills up quickly. However, if you want to stay in one of the villas, you will have to plan far ahead to get the booking you want.

With your room, you also get free tennis lesson, free glass-bottom cruises, and the best knowledge from the staff that works here.

Some other notes to make are that children up to 12 can stay in their parents’ rooms and have access to the Kid’s Club (more on that later). Wheelchair access is available because there aren’t any steps, but it will be a bit of a bumpy ride thanks to the “natural” effects and walkways all over the hotel.

Overall, our family felt very comfortable in the rooms. They were nicely decorated, but not so nicely that you have to be afraid that someone will break something. You do have to watch your children, because there are a lot of light colors around. Still, the staff and butler service made it so that we had everything we wanted, and we were able to avoid any major problems or missteps with their help.

The Eats

Sofitel So Mauritius - La Plage Restaurant
Sofitel So Mauritius – La Plage Restaurant

It is something that people come from around the island to experience, and if you stay at the Sofitel So Hotel in Mauritius, you don’t have to travel. Le Flamboyant is the floating dining room that allows you to eat while surrounded by water. It isn’t actually floating, rather than surrounded by water. It feels like it though, with rivulets of water running down the tiled channels that surrounding the structure. You have to cross wooden bridges to get there. It is truly a magnificent sight to see at night, when the light comes from 12 tall pillars that shine bright. If you can, hold out on seeing the restaurant until the night, or you will eliminate some of the magic that surrounds it.

The food itself isn’t a second thought – it is amazing. Currently, the menu comes from Jacques Ledu, a one-time Mauritian Chef of the Year and an amazing chef with an impeccable record. Nilesh is a young sommelier who receives compliments on almost all review boards. If you aren’t sure what to pick, entrust in Nilesh.

For something a little less grand, but no less fantastic, consider going to La Plage, a beachfront restaurant where Isabelle Alexandre, the executive chef, has teamed up with three-Michelin star Frederic Anton to create a menu that features only the freshest catches of the day.

Kids Club at Sofitel So Mauritius 

If you want to give your children a magical vacation, consider linking them up to the Kids Club at the Sofitel So Hotel in Mauritius. Not only will it give you access to the family friendly attractions around Mauritius, you will also garner free time for yourself.

Sofitel So Mauritius - The Kids Club
Sofitel So Mauritius – The Kids Club

The Kids Club gives your child the chance to interact with children from all over the world. This will help them to become world citizens and make your travel that much easier.

The Kids Club area has playground equipment, some great photo opportunities, and a lot of free space to run off energy. If you pay attention, you will see hotel staff cleaning the playground equipment, chairs, and tables on a regular basis. This definitely made us comfortable letting our children play on everything.

Swimming Pools at Sofitel So Mauritius  

Some individual villas have their own swimming pools for added privacy and luxury. Otherwise, there are swimming pools for general use, including an adult pool and child-friendly pools. Note that there are bodies of water all over the premise, but they are not for swimming.

Spa and Wellness at Sofitel So Mauritius

The Sofitel So Hotel in Mauritius comes with a “So Wellness” concept where you can pick and choose which spa packages you want to use, including options that are child-friendly. You leave the hotel feeling pampered and relaxed, the true hallmark of a good vacation.

If you wish, you can schedule an appointment with the Wellness instructors who will help you find healthy and healthful choices in Mauritius – both for eating and for exercise.

If you want, you can browse their website to see what they offer for adults, couples, families, and children. Some packages do come with the spa included, so you want to make sure that you take advantage of the opportunity.

The spa has two hammams, double rooms for couple’s massages, a hot tub, a cold plunge pool, a yoga pavilion, tai chi sessions, yoga options, organic products from French company Themae, and full privacy.

Additionally, the team at Sofitel So Hotel in Mauritius wants to keep your insides healthy. They have full service therapists and trained coaches who can help you if you are feeling stressed. Acupuncturists are available as well to help with wellness.

If you are in Mauritius, you can try some of the traditional medicine methods as well, from professionals that you can trust because they are from a reliable source. You can find people on the streets, but they may not have the credentials that you would like them to have.

For fitness buffs, you don’t have to gain weight while you are vacationing – and you won’t have to cut back on any food. Sofitel So Hotel offers training sessions and gym equipment in the So FIT gym, including treadmills, free weights, ellipticals, and bikes. If you don’t want to work alone, there are fitness classes throughout the day that allow you to tour the island by foot or by bike. You can schedule a tennis session, go on a run, or take a yoga class as well.

Overall Experience at the Sofitel So Mauritius 

At Sofitel So Mauritius, you will feel like you are part of the family. Not only that, but you are given a sense of community. There are people from all over the world, but everyone seems to work together and want to be friends. You’ll talk about places to go, where to eat, where to avoid, and even other places to travel. It really seems like only the best people are here.

Make sure to take advantage of some of the group activities and excursions so that you can meet more people. It will serve you well and it will help your kids learn how to travel.

Not only that, but the staff and team loves to celebrate local culture. They won’t try to make this like your home, because it isn’t. Instead, they will go out of their way to celebrate and support local events and local culture. If you wish, they can curtail your interests to find activities for you, whether that includes fashion, art, books, concerts, exhibits, or sports.

At the end of the day, any vacation or any hotel is only going to be as good as you make your trip.


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