Top 10 things to do in Hong Kong

When looking into going to Hong Kong, there is one thing you have to remember: no matter how long you are going, you are never going to complete everything. There just isn’t enough time in the day to travel where you want to go and actually enjoy yourself while you are there.

The best thing you can do is find a few things that really interest you and do those instead. That way you can go home with memories instead of just remembering the stress you were under.

Here are the ten best things to do with your family in Hong Kong:

Things to do in Hong Kong:

Avenue Of The Stars

If you are a fan of Chinese films or celebrities, this is a great place to go. If you aren’t, it might still be pretty cool, depending on what you like. Think of it like a Hollywood Walk of Stars on a slightly smaller scale.

The Avenue is located on the Tsum Sha Tsui promenade in Kowloon, so it really isn’t all that large. However, it is a great place to see the Symphony of Lights, another item on our list.

The biggest tourist attraction here is probably the big bronze statue of Bruce Lee that everyone takes photos with when they are here.

Duk Ling

If you have been spending a lot of time looking through Hong Kong travel adds, you definitely recognize the Victoria Harbor. Duk Ling is the last authentic Chinese “sailing junk” that you can find here. The junk has been restored and you can actually take if for short cruises during the week. If you want, you can even privately hire it. It is definitely just something to see, so you could even stand there and take in the view while waiting for it.

There is another red-sailed junk that is actually new and built by the Aqua Group that you can see from the harbour. It has a dining room on board and is available for tours. Don’t be fooled though, it isn’t an original.

Hong Kong Science Museum or Hong Kong Museum Of History

For an extra sprinkling of education on your trip or something to do if you happen to be in Hong Kong on a rainy day, you can go to either the Hong Kong Science Museum or the Hong Kong Museum of History.

The Hong Kong Science Museum is located in Tsim Sha Tsui East in Kowloon. It is an absolutely massive museum with over 500 exhibits. One of the most popular is an aircraft hanging from the ceiling. Kids love to go here because many of the exhibits are “hands on” and allow them to play a little bit. Some of the exhibits allow children to drive, fly, or hunt around. Another thing that kids love is the 22-meter Energy Machine that has audio visual effects that simulate energy – get them thinking about the world around them early!

Another option for a rainy day, or just to complete your day, is the Hong Kong Museum of History, which is located right next door to the Hong Kong Science Museum. For many, it is a great way to learn about Hong Kong culture and history at the start of a trip. This place is a little calmer, but there are still some hands-on exhibits that kids love. Do some research before you go so that you can focus in on the exhibits that will match up with what you are going to do when you visit Hong Kong.

Note that these museums aren’t all that expensive and they are actually free on Wednesdays.

Hong Kong Park

Hong Kong Park is going to be the biggest part you’ve ever been in, nor will it be the nicest. However, it is going to be a great place for you to go to give your children some time to run around and you want to take a break. Knowing where it is could help you alleviate some of the stress from shopping or sightseeing throughout the day. Your children will love the little ponds along the walkway that have koi, turtles, and sometimes some other surprises.

If you have a little more time, you can go to the tea museum that has a small but mighty collection and is worth the stroll, especially if it is warm outside. With the mall nearby, getting a snack or a drink it incredibly easy.

Since it is off the well-beaten path nearby, it is usually manageable to allow your children some free range to explore.


The Geoparks system is made up of eight areas that highlight some of the interesting rock formations that the shifting plates of the earth have made. While it might look dangerous, the area is actually extremely safe with a lot of flat areas for children to explore. There is everything from a hexagonal volcanic column to arches to cutely named formations that people will explain in detail.

The eight UNESCO parks are located in various places, so you should do some research before you go to see which ones will be closest to where you are and which ones will be appropriate for your family.

If you are interesting in a more luxurious trip, there are private helicopter tours of some of the parks, though it does cost a pretty penny.

Nightly Symphony Of Lights And ICC Light Show

Even people who have lived in Hong Kong for years can’t help but smile and stare in awe at the Symphony of Lights over Victoria Harbour. Of course, this view is better if you happen to have a hotel room nearby, but there are places where you can see the display.

The lights display has been named the ‘World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show’ by the Guinness Book of World Records. Every night like clockwork, it goes on at 8:00 PM. There are colored lasers and lights that shoot out from the buildings along the Hong Kong skyline. Make sure to tune your radio to the appropriate station to hear narration and music that goes along with the display. If you want to hear it live, you have to go to the Avenue of the Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui and Wan Chai at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Kids will love this, even if they watch it every night.

If you didn’t get enough there, you can go to the ICC building where you can see a light show from the entire island. There is an app you can download so that you get the music that syncs up with the show. One of the best places to see the show is from a harbor view room at the Four Seasons Hotel or a harbor view restaurant. There are two shows per night, one at 8:45 PM and one at 9:00 PM.

Ocean Park

Ocean Park is a no brainer. It is on the south side of Hong Kong island and is easy to access using a car, bus, or taxi. Some people actually think this is a better park than Hong Kong Disneyland because it is unique, has fewer crowds, and is animal centered. Kids love to have encounters with rare (and not so rare) animals.

The park has two sections, an upper level and a lower level, that are connected by a sky tram. On this tram, you are able to see some of the most beautiful shots of Hong Kong island. It is a bit scary when it is windy, so make sure you hold your children close when you are going. You can also get on a train that goes through the mountain to the other side.

A good piece of advice is to take the train to the upper level and then ride the cable car back down. This won’t only be quicker, but it will give you better views. Another tip for avoiding lines is to buy tickets in advance.

The Peak

On a clear day, The Peak is the most amazing place you can be in Hong Kong. The viewing deck that is at the top of The Peak Tower gives you an unparalleled view of all of Hong Kong, making it a great destination for photographers and families.

To get there, you can take The Peak Tram up, which is definitely a cheaper option than taking a taxi.

It is open during any time of the day, though many people will try to go around dinner or lunch to eat the restaurants they have there. If this is your wish, you may want to make a reservation.

Kids love the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum that is there are well. You can also do some souvenir shopping at the local stands. If you are in a shopping mood, you can find all kinds of stores all over the area.

To get the best view, you can look around the Peak Circle Walk. As you might guess, you can walk the entire circle, which could take some time. There is a playground in the middle for younger children and it always has a lively crowd. The walk shouldn’t take you more than fifty minutes or so, depending on how many people are there. The more crowded, the longer it will take.

If you are up for more walking, you can walk the Morning Trail from the Peak to wherever your hotel is (many will fall along this line). Of course, you can always take a taxi back as well.

The Star Ferry Hong Kong

The Star Ferry Hong Kong is a beautiful oblong boat that takes a trip from Central to Kowloon or Wan Chai to Kowloon in a few minutes. It might not seem like much, but kids love it.

Depending on the time of day, it might even be the easiest way to get around. Many people will use it on a daily basis because it regularly beats the MTR to get to Kowloon.

If you have children, you should try to get up to the upper deck. It costs a little more, but the coal fumes on the lower deck can make them sick. The ferries are frequent enough that whenever you want to take them, you won’t have to wait around all that long.

The Trick Eye Museum

For another short day trip or something to do on a rainy day, The Trick Eye Museum is a small 3-D art museum that is very trippy. It has a lot of little things to look at and it doesn’t seem to get that crowded, so you can spend more time here than you could at other museums.

It really won’t take you all that long to get through it, maybe an hour at most. Still, it is a nice little addition to the rest of your day if you happen to be going to the Peak or somewhere near there.

A Few Things to Keep In Mind When In Hong Kong With Kids

Remember that you are in a different part of the world. You must keep your child within your sights and preferably reach at all times. It is up to you to keep him or her safe. You should also teach your child to be respectful of other cultures and other people – not just of the people in Hong Kong, but of the other tourists as well.

Note that most places will have Western foods available, but for those that don’t, simple Chinese foods like white rice, fried rice, egg rolls, and chicken are typically available everywhere. You should also note that food allergies are taken seriously, but be prepared anyway.

When travelling, a car seat isn’t necessary in a taxi. Remember that while strollers might be useful, the sidewalks can be uneven and using the MTR will be extremely difficult, so you should have someone to help you.

Finally, remember that people in Hong Kong love children and will be nice to them.


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    Ocean Park was a favorite with my family when we travelled to Hong Kong! Though I saw some things on your list that we didn’t do – maybe we should plan a trip back!

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